Growing requirements of rational energy usage as well as environmental protection have led to development of fire boxes. They also influenced development of chimney systems. Following recommendations refer to Polish norms and regulations for proper and safe operation of chimney systems. Chimney systems are systems installed with the use of parts delivered or defined by the producer and are covered by a guarantee.

Basic terminology:
chimney – construction consisted of a layer or layers forming one or few gas flues,
fire box – device generating heat, where combustion products arise,
gas flue – way of discharge combustion products to the atmosphere,
combustion products – products arising while burning fuels (gas, liquid or solid),
exhaust gases – gaseous components of combustion products which are discharged by gas flue

Functional division of chimney flues:

  1. smoke – discharge exhaust gases from fire boxes fired by solid fuels,
  2. gas – discharge exhaust gases from gas appliances and ones powered by liquid fuels,
  3. ventilation – provide air necessary for combustion process and exchange exhaust air in the room