1. Smoke flues should be led from soot holes to chimneys exits or pots accordingly with technical documentation.
  2. Soot holes located in basement should be at the level from 1,0 to 1,2m from the floor. They should be protected with tight doors made of uninflammable materials.
  3. Lower edge of a soot hole of fire boxes located in rooms with flue entry should be 0,3m above the floor. There should be an easy access to the holes. They should have ash trays and be protected with tight doors.
  4. Stoves fired with solid fuels and with tight closure can share one smoke flue of cross-section of at least 0,14 x 0,14m or dimeter of 0,15m. The difference in level of inclusion of at least 1,5 m must be obtained. No more than 3 stoves can share the same flue.
  5. Stoves mention in point 4, situated on the highest floor of the building should be connected to a separate smoke flue.