skorsten turbo

SKORSTEN TURBO is a system designed for boilers with closed combustion chamber. It is a dual-function system discharging gas and providing air necessary for combustion process. The solution can be used together with boilers powered with gas or oil. SKORSTEN TURBO allows to connect up to 10 boilers powered with gas to one chimney. The solution is popular in multistorey buildings with an access to gas grid. It operates well with modern boilers popular in semi-detached and detached houses. The system works with boilers with open and closed combustion chamber.


FIELD of application

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Gas fuels  – condensing and low temperature boilers
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Liquid fuels – condensing and low temperature boilers


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30 Year Guarantee
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Easy and quick to install
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Gas temperatures to 200°C
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Full set in one package
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Small and light hollow bricks
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Resistance to wet conditions and aggressive compounds of condensate
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For indoor installation only
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Resistance to fire spreading through the chimney for 60 minutes when the building is burning
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Acid resistance due to low absorbability of ceramic pipes


The highest quality of all parts guarantees durability and safety of SKORSTEN TURBO.


Ø 100 Ø 140 Ø 200 Ø 250*

W The most popular in Poland is Ø 140 mm

* Custom range (for special order after delivery date is fixed).

System parts

Skorsten Turbo

Basic set includes: hollow bricks, straight pipes, Turbo tee, lower profile, lower profile base, centring bands and INSTALLATION PACKAGE

Basic Set
Hollow brick
Straight pipe
Turbo tee
Lower profile
Lower profile base
Centring bands


Installation Package
Door with a hole
Door without a hole
Flue cover
_JAB0757 kopia
Lost shuttering
_JAB0771 kopia
Face plate



Expansion plugs
Dry acid resistant putty
Installation instruction
Condensate trap

_JAB0692 kopia

Installation scheme
Installation sponge
High temperature silicon
Reinforcement covers


Scheme Description Cross-section Measurements
PK Single-draught chimney– PK 36 x 36 cm
PK+PW2 Single-draught chimney with two ventilation channels – PK+PW2 36 x 60 cm
PK+2PW2' Single-draught chimney with four ventilation channels – PK+2PW2 36 x 84 cm
PKW Single-draught chimney with a ventilation channel – PKW 36 x 50 cm
PKW+PW2 Single-draught chimney with three ventilation channels option I – PKW + PW2 36 x 74 cm
PKW+2PW1 Single-draught chimeny with three ventilation channels option II – PKW + 2PW1 50 x 56 cm
PKW+2PW2 Single-draught chimeny with five ventilation channels – PKW + 2PW2 50 x 72 cm
PKW+2PW3 Single-draught chimney with seven ventilation channels – PKW + 2PW3 50 x 88 cm



SKORSTEN TURBO is a professional chimney system consisting of:

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hollow bricks
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pipes and fireclay tees stabilized with centring bands


features of SKORSTEN TURBO elements:


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Modular construction – single segment 33 cm high
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Compatibility with ventilation systems allowing to connect gas and ventilation flues next to each other
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Air necessary for combustion process provided by separate channel in the chimney
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One type of hollow brick for most diameters of gas flues
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Cutters on external surface of bricks for easy holes (cleanout and connection)


To elevate chimney above the roof special tunnels for reinforcement are made in the corners of the hallow bricks

SKORSTEN Turbo chimney system cross section:


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Centring bands provide verticality of ceramic flue
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Gas-tight ceramic pipes of increased density A1N1 guarantee resistance to high temperature and temperature changes in the system
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Compliance with the PN-EN 13063 -3: 2009– system meets requirements for air-gas channels